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  • Soft goatskin and textile
  • Hard knuckle protectors
  • Soft finger protectors
  • Digital® leather hand reinforcements
  • Palm sliders
  • Air-flow panels
  • Touch screen panels
  • CE-certified

The X-STRETCH II men’s gloves are an excellent choice for demanding motorcyclists who prioritize comfort, safety, and functionality. Thanks to the innovative combination of soft goatskin leather with high-quality textile material, these gloves offer not only protection but also comfort on the road.


Safety is a priority when choosing motorcycle gloves. The X-STRETCH II gloves are equipped with a hard knuckle protector, which provides solid protection in case of potential falls. Additionally, soft finger protectors and palm sliders ensure comprehensive hand protection during rides. The CE safety certificate confirms high quality and compliance with safety standards.


The X-STRETCH II gloves are designed with functionality in mind. Digital® leather reinforcements on the palms provide excellent grip and durability, even in challenging conditions. Touchscreen panels allow for smartphone operation without the need to remove gloves, which is extremely practical while riding.


Comfortable ventilation is crucial during motorcycle rides. The X-STRETCH II gloves feature ventilation panels that ensure proper airflow, protecting hands from excessive sweating and providing a feeling of freshness throughout the journey.


Soft goatskin leather, flexible textile materials, and precise craftsmanship ensure that the X-STRETCH II gloves provide not only excellent protection but also unparalleled comfort. By adapting to the shape of the hands, they guarantee freedom of movement and a pleasant feeling even during long rides.


The X-STRETCH II men’s gloves are an excellent choice for every motorcyclist who values not only safety but also comfort and functionality. Thanks to high-quality materials, innovative solutions, and solid protection, these gloves are an essential piece of equipment for every two-wheeler enthusiast.