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  • Very light, durable and breathable MicroFibre and MeshProtecto
  • Stiffened shinbone and heel panels
  • Protector of the inner and outer part of the ankle
  • Suitably shaped, oil-proof sole
  • Panel protecting the foot while shifting gears
  • Soft and breathable lining
  • Air-flow system
  • ReflexLite® reflectors
  • CE-certified

Are you looking for motorcycle boots that will provide not only style but also safety and comfort during your rides? Discover the TRAFFIC II motorcycle boots – a perfect combination of innovative materials and advanced technologies, designed especially for demanding motorcyclists.


The TRAFFIC II motorcycle boots ensure a high level of safety thanks to the use of toe, heel, and ankle protectors. Additionally, the reinforcement for the gear shift lever and the CE safety certificate confirm that they meet the highest safety standards.


Made of lightweight and durable MicroFibre combined with MeshProtecto, the TRAFFIC II boots are not only durable but also functional. Moreover, the MeshProtecto ventilation panels provide proper air circulation, keeping your feet dry and cool even during intense rides.


Thanks to the ventilation panels and the appropriately shaped, oil-resistant sole, the TRAFFIC II boots guarantee comfortable ventilation and protection against slippery surfaces, making them an ideal choice for both long journeys and city rides.


The soft and breathable lining and the ReflexLite® reflective elements make riding not only safe but also comfortable. The TRAFFIC II boots provide unparalleled comfort throughout the entire journey.


The TRAFFIC II motorcycle boots are an excellent combination of safety, functionality, and comfort. With the new CE safety certificate, they are the perfect choice for any motorcyclist who values not only style but also protection and comfort during rides.