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  • Abrasion resistant Cordura® Denim and Coolmax®
  • Single layer pants
  • Comfortable Betac® knee and hip protectors
  • External access to knee protector pockets
  • 3-level adjustment of knee protectors height
  • Modern straight cut supporting motorcyclist’s position
  • Jeans denim with elastane for better fit and comfort
  • Functional external pockets
  • Can be connected with jacket by SECA Joint belt
  • CE-certified

Men’s RANGER jeans are the perfect solution for active motorcyclists who value both style and safety on the road. Made from abrasion-resistant Cordura® Denim material and equipped with innovative protectors, these pants provide not only protection but also comfort and functionality during rides.


RANGER is not just a fashionable garment; it is primarily a guarantee of safety on the road. Thanks to the durable Cordura® Denim material and built-in Betac® knee and hip protectors, the user can be confident in protection even in unexpected situations. The CE safety certificate confirms the high quality and effectiveness of the protection.


RANGER pants combine style with functionality. Their modern cut is perfectly tailored to the motorcycle riding position, ensuring comfort during rides. Additionally, functional external pockets allow for storing essential items within reach, while the option to connect with a jacket via a connecting belt provides additional stability and protection.


Although safety is a priority, RANGER jeans do not forget about thermal comfort. The Coolmax® material provides adequate ventilation, keeping the user cool and dry even during long rides in various weather conditions.


The addition of elastane to the material makes RANGER jeans not only durable but also exceptionally comfortable. They provide freedom of movement and comfort even during prolonged wearing, which is crucial for motorcyclists spending many hours on the road.


Men’s RANGER jeans are an excellent combination of style, safety, and functionality. Abrasion-resistant Cordura® Denim, comfortable protectors, functional pockets, and the option to connect with a jacket are just some of the features that make these pants an indispensable part of every motorcyclist’s wardrobe, valuing quality and comfort.


Perfect for everyday wear. Not just for motorbikes!