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  • Durable DuraTec® 600D
  • Elastic SW level 2 elbow and shoulder protectors
  • Pocket allowing to apply back protector
  • ReflexLite® reflectors
  • Detachable Humax® membrane (12000mm)
  • Detachable thermal lining
  • Soft and breathable AirMesh lining
  • RespirAir+ air-flow system
  • Elastic panels
  • Waist, cuff and sleeve adjustable system
  • Soft and comfortable collar and cuffs finish
  • Waterproof cargo pockets
  • Functional external and internal pockets
  • Pants connection zipper (360°)
  • CE-certified

The textile ARRAKIS II motorcycle jacket is the second, upgraded version of its predecessor, the bestselling ARRAKIS model. Its distinctive cut, modern design, and perfect fit are just what meets the eye. However, in the new model, we’ve made many more changes.

The jacket is made from incredibly abrasion and puncture-resistant DuraTec® 600D material. Despite its high protective properties, increased safety, and reduced risk of clothing damage, it remains pleasant to the touch. Soft yet durable SW® level two protectors also ensure high-level safety.

Another improvement over the previous version is the application of the Humax® membrane. It’s fully breathable and allows airflow much better than standard membranes in other jackets, while also being windproof and resistant to up to 12000mm of water column! Despite being waterproof, it allows air to pass through to the inside of the jacket.

We’ve finished the membrane with a strong yet soft and breathable AirMesh lining. It helps to wick away moisture, making the membrane even more effective.

For lower temperatures, the set includes an additional thermal lining equipped with a functional 3D Mesh panel on the back. On warmer days, you can rely on good ventilation thanks to the RespirAir+ system.

The jacket consists of three layers that snugly fit your body, and the altered cut means it’s not a typical, loose textile jacket. ARRAKIS II fits into the new generation of slim-fit clothing, offering an ideal fit for your silhouette. The waist, sleeves, and cuffs adjustment system allows for customization according to your preferences, making the jacket feel like it’s tailor-made for you.


If safety is important to you, you can count on high protection. The jacket is equipped with SW® level two elbow and shoulder protectors. Not only do they offer high levels of protection, but they’re also comfortable to use due to their softness and flexibility. If you prioritize even greater safety, there’s an additional pocket at the back that allows for the use of SW® or D3O® back protectors.

Passive safety is ensured by the ReflexLite® branded reflective panels system and fluorescent elements. Thanks to them, you’ll be visible on the road not only after dark but also in unfavorable weather conditions.


We know how important good ventilation is for motorcyclists, which is why the special RespirAir+ system is responsible for air exchange inside the jacket on hotter days. We’ve designed as many as 11 ventilation slots and openings; 8 at the front, 3 at the back. You decide which parts you want to ventilate, as they’re zippered.


We’ve equipped the ARRAKIS II jacket with functional external and internal pockets, including 3 large and capacious cargo pockets. When you’re surprised by rain during your journey, you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant feeling of getting wet or think about the items you have in your pockets. Just like the entire jacket, the cargo pockets are also waterproof.

The jacket is designed to maximize fit – it’s shorter at the front to prevent it from rolling up during motorcycle rides and longer at the back to prevent drafts. The waist, sleeves, and cuffs adjustment system will ensure an ideal fit to your preferences. Additionally, the sleeves are slightly narrower than standard, preventing them from billowing during rides. You can attach the jacket to trousers of different sizes thanks to the secure 360-degree zipper.


We’ve used numerous ergonomic stretch panels in the jacket that work during rides and increase the freedom of your movements. You also don’t have to worry about any of the elements irritating your skin – the collar and cuffs are finished with special care for your comfort, thanks to the use of soft material.

The comfortable and breathable AirMesh lining wicks moisture away, increasing the effectiveness of the membrane.


The ARRAKIS II motorcycle jacket is available in three color variants in the men’s version and two in the women’s version. This is a great solution for motorcycle couples (such as: @adv.tramps – @motomigrant & @milka_mototravel) who want to wear the same set, but tailored according to gender.

You can also purchase trousers to complete the set.


If you’re looking for a versatile jacket for longer trips in various weather conditions, resistant to abrasion, with a waterproof lining and additional insulation, protectors offering a high level of protection, good ventilation (up to 11 panels!), perfect fit for your silhouette, and you also care about a great price-to-quality ratio – SECA ARRAKIS II will be the perfect choice.

The jacket, entirely designed in Poland, has a CE safety certificate.

For the full spectrum of benefits from using DuraTec600D® material and Humax® membrane, we recommend supplementing the set with a specially tailored set of thermoactive functional underwear SECA S-COOL.

The jacket has been tested by many well-known and respected motorcyclists in various weather conditions.


Ready to ride. In every conditions.


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