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For over 20 years, it has been ensuring the safety of motorcyclists, cyclists, and extreme sports enthusiasts. D3O® protectors provide the highest level of protection through the use of cutting-edge technologies, advanced research, and experience.

What is D3O®?

D3O® represents 22 years of experience and dedication to creating protective technology and is the most advanced and respected brand in impact protection. OK, but why is D3O® so unique?

It’s all thanks to an advanced chemical formula that creates a special polymer material capable of absorbing and distributing impact energy, minimizing the risk of injury.

The effectiveness of D3O® protection is not only due to the special polymer but also the result of the work of engineers and designers who ensure that the protectors are lightweight and ergonomic. Years of experience and hours of testing have allowed D3O® engineers to refine protectors to be as comfortable and breathable as possible while maintaining maximum protection.

In addition, the flexibility, ability to shape the polymer in any way, and effectiveness in various conditions and temperatures have led to the application of D3O® not only in motorcycle protective clothing but also in other areas of life: effectively protecting extreme sports enthusiasts, soldiers, hockey players, and even your laptop or smartphone.

D3O in Motorcycle Clothing

During an accident, the most vulnerable parts of a motorcyclist’s body are the limbs, back, and head – every motorcyclist knows this. The task of D3O® protectors is to provide maximum protection to limbs and back, minimizing the effects of impact on the ground or obstacles. For a motorcyclist, comfort and thermal comfort during hot days are also important, which is why D3O® has created individual collections of protectors for each application and different types of motorcycles. The D3O® brand also collaborates with high-quality motorcycle clothing manufacturers, creating individual projects specifically for their products.

Whether you ride a sportbike on the racetrack, prefer adventures and long journeys, or enjoy enduro or MX riding, D3O® has a solution for every type of motorcyclist and motorcycle. From solutions suitable for everyday riding, such as the Stealth series offering Level 1 protection, to the Pro series, offering up to 50% higher level of impact protection, thanks to the use of more polymer. So, if you value the highest level of protection or participate in races, you can entrust the protection of the most important parts of your body to D3O® Level 2 protectors.

How do D3O Motorcycle Protectors work?

The structure of the polymer from which D3O® protectors are made allows for the absorption, dispersion, and absorption of high-force impacts, thanks to advanced molecular construction. D3O® protectors maintain a flexible form in almost any conditions, ensuring comfort when worn. However, when subjected to sudden force, such as impact or tearing, the molecules bond and condense, causing the material to harden and absorb the force.

D3O®’s “intelligent molecules” retain their properties at low temperatures, down to -10°C, up to over 120°C, and their impact absorption capabilities far exceed those of polyurethane foam or polymers. Additionally, D3O® protectors are exceptionally durable and resistant to damage, returning to their original state after force dispersion.

Racing Legends Recommend D3O

The effectiveness of D3O® protectors is confirmed by athletes who have entrusted their safety to them. And what better recommendation than from the multiple winner of the toughest race in the world, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy – Michael Dunlop, or the veteran of the same races and British Superbike champion Lee Johnston?

“I like to push the safety boundary without crossing it. I can’t do anything more for my safety than surround myself with top-quality products: the best helmet, suit, and protectors. With D3O®, you get the best of both worlds – the best protection and an excellent fit.” – Michael Dunlop.

“I am usually very picky about my comfort. I approach even the smallest changes in my equipment with caution, especially when it comes to the Tourist Trophy. I spend a lot of time there, and if something rubs you for 2.5 hours of training or qualification, you’ll have an abrasion that will hurt for another week. When I saw D3O® protectors, I had to have them.” – Lee Johnston

Protection in Every Condition

D3O® is laboratory-created state-of-the-art technology that will protect you in any conditions, whether you’re competing on the racetrack, traveling to the ends of the earth, or just commuting to work every day.

Important: Thanks to continuous work on new solutions that improve comfort and safety, D3O® protectors remain flexible in all conditions, adapting to your anatomy, making them almost like a second skin. Through the use of Airwave technology, the perforated structure of the protectors ensures excellent ventilation while maintaining a high level of protection.

All D3O® protectors and guards meet the most demanding European motorcycle safety standards, EN-1621 class.


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